• 2011
  • 13′
  • violin, cello, electric guitar, pipe organ (or keyboard) & percussion
  • première: Lunapark, 8 October 2011, Orgelpark, Amsterdam (NL)
  • commission: Looptail, Fonds Podiumkunsten

Repeating patterns, wavery harmonies and background noises are equivalent in this work for ensemble.

People with hyperacusis have a low tolerance for noise. They may perceive soft sounds as too loud, everyday sounds as unpleasant and loud sounds as painful.

In the composition Hyperacusis, repeating patterns, shaky chords and background noise are equal. The instruments are regularly located on an individual track. The resonances, noises and melodic rumours they produce can hide in the background, come to the fore as a disruptor or are incorporated into the musical whole.

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