Prophetiae Syllabarum

  • 2023
  • voice, soundtrack & video
  • premiere Rianne Wilbers, De Link Tilburg February 21, 2023
  • commission: Rianne Wilbers

Prophetic vocal solo with soundtrack & video

Developments in the field of artificial intelligence are moving at lightning speed and are both embraced and watched with fear. Prophetiae Syllabrum is a critique of AI “art”, but with some self-mockery, because without algorithms this composition and video would not have existed.

A composition for voice, soundtrack and video, made for Rianne Wilbers. The soundtrack of the composition is made up of recordings of Rianne's voice and manipulated into waves of plastic sound forms and clouds of harmonic whistling tones. In visual oracular language, the singer interprets visions about the future of artificial intelligence. The music is accompanied by images created by an AI image generator based on the lyrics. The title Prophetiae Syllabarum is a corruption of Orlando di Lasso's iconic work Prophetiae Sibyllarum, in which twelve sibyls proclaim their prophecies.

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