• 2004
  • 4′
  • acoustic guitar
  • première: Johannes Westendorp, 6 juni 2004, Kasteel De Pinte (BE)

Solo voor akoestische gitaar.

A short composition for acoustic guitar, very loosely inspired by the book Sphären, written by the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.

Spheres is a work that lasts about four minutes and somehow came about while reading the thick pill Sphären by the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. The hyper complex, associative language got me thinking. Spheres starts with the rustling of fingers over strings, alternating with short impulses that pop up like bubbles, form a melody and suddenly burst apart. From that moment on, the sphere universe changes drastically: strings are out of tune, bubbles are distorted and weighted until they sink into a messy flamenco of clattering strings. They go even lower, until a string is ripped off the guitar completely.

Spheres Peter Sloterdijk
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