City Poem IV

  • 5 foto’s
  • opening: 18 December 2019, Little Devil, Tilburg
  • commission: A.H.J. Dautzenberg, city poet 2019-2020

Photo series responding to an urban poem by Anton Dautzenberg.

During his appointment as city poet of Tilburg, A.H.J. Dautzenberg published a city poem every month, which was then molded into a new work of art by other artists. I made an adaptation of Stadsgedicht IV for him.

I took the typography of the city poem as a starting point and extended it to the city. Looking for abstraction, which plays an important role in my landscape photography, I came to the conclusion that I needed height, darkness and artificial light. Due to the lack of mountains in Tilburg, I found myself on the roof of the Westpoint tower one evening to take pictures.

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