• 2019
  • 10′
  • accordion
  • première: Vincent van Amsterdam
  • 16 June 2019, Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL)
  • commission: Podium Windkracht

Composition for accordion based on a photo.

Pulsating, driving and musing: through a well-considered combination of tonal interferences, subtle microtonal effects and an unusual use of the accordion registers, Far-field is sometimes reminiscent of electronic music, at other times of a misty natural landscape. Within that fascinating world of sound, vague memories sometimes arise; short, melodic sentences that are not fully pronounced. The work is freely inspired by a photo I made of rows of trees in the mist. The photo was taken in the De Strijdhoef estate near Udenhout.


In de pers

René van Peer, Eindhovens Dagblad11-06-2019
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about Far-Field
“As in Textures I took one of my photos as an inspirational source. It limits me, but at the same time gives direction to the music. The shades of grey, the minimalism, the rhythm. These elements lead to music that is different from when I would have used an image with lots of different colours, shapes and textures. The music is calm, demure, foggy.”
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Brabants Dagblad 2019


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